9th Grade Gators Cruise Past Charlton 28-0

9th Grade Gators Cruise Past Charlton 28-0
Ware won the kickoff and received the opening kickoff. We drove the ball down to the 30 before coming up short on a 4th down conversion.  After backing them  up to the 10 with a few sacks the defense forced a punt. We took over on the 40 and after another 4th down stop from Charlton we turned the ball back over to them. 
0-0 End of the 1st
After exchanging punts for the next two possessions, Charlton was backed up again on 3rd and long, Garrick Griffin Stripped the ball from the QB on a sack and recovered the fumble himself. So we started the drive at the 10 yardline and on the first play Khalil Clowers ran the ball in behind great blocks from Johnathan Strickland and Zander Moye. Brody Hall Kicked the Xp with a hold from Alex Justice.
7-0 Ware
After stopping Charlton Alex Justice Returned a Punt Down to the 30. A 15 yard run from Caiden Johns got us down to the 15 Tre Hargrove Had a great block from Bo hampton that helped spring him on a 15 yard run. Brody Hall on the XP good.
14-0 Ware
Charlton moved down the field at the end of the half before an interception by Brandon Washington stopped the drive with 6 seconds left.
We exchanged punts throughout the 3rd quarter.
In the first minute of the 4th Quarter LJ Hall picked off a pass and took it back for a touchdown.
21-0 Ware
Then Halfway through the 4th Quarter Jashawn Johns picked off a pass at the 50 yard lline and returned it all the way for a TD. 
28-0 Ware
Final 28-0 Ware
The defensive line was great tonight, Malik Flannigan, Kevontae Butler, Gannon Goble, Erius Morris, and all the guys that rolled in on the D-line where in the backfield all night and I think that kept them from getting into any kind of rhythm.
The whole defense was lights out. We have some work to do on offense but we were one block or one read away most of the night, when we did everything right we looked great. I hope we have it all fixed for Coffee county next week. 
*Thank you Coach Smith for sending in the story.