Girls Track Team Wins Back to Back Titles

Girls Track Team Wins Back to Back Titles

Back-to-Back CHAMPS!

After a big win on Wednesday, the Lady Gators traveled over to Tift County High School to defend their 2016 championship title in the 8th Annual Andy Sumner's Invitational. They did it, the Lady Gators ran away in points, and were crowned the 2017 Champions. "I was very proud of how well these young ladies stepped up and performed," said Head Coach Alesia Gibson. With only six seniors, the bulk of the team consist of juniors, sophomore, and freshmen. "We, the coaches, (Coach Gibson, Coach Hudson, Coach Eichfled, and Coach Robertson) were not surprised how well the seniors performed, but were really astounded with the performances of the younger athletes." The girls outscored some very competitive teams by a total of 45.5 points. "Overall, we were proud of how these young ladies represented the city of Waycross." The Lady Gators will take the track again, on Saturday, March 11th, as they will defended their championship title in the Swamp Relays. The Swamp Relays will be held here, at Ware County High School, with field events starting at 9:30AM. The cost of admission is $5.  

Name                                  Place                             Event                        Time/Distance

Arviniece McDonald           3rd                           100M Dash                       13.30

Arviniece McDonald           3rd                           200M Dash                       28.13

Arviniece McDonald           3rd                           Long Jump                        15-06.25

Mataea Boyd                     7th                           100M Dash                       13.65

Tyteyannah Bailey             1st                             Long Jump                        16-00.75

Tyteyannah Bailey             6th                             200M Dash                       28.52

Shanya Washington          2nd                             400M Run                         1:05.34

Shanya Washington          8th                             800M Run                          2:52.89

Makayla Thomas               3rd                            100M Hurdles                   19.16

Chyna Bacon                      2nd                             300M Hurdles                  51.40 

Destiny Boyd                      5th                              300M Hurdles                 58.02

Destiny Boyd                      6th                               High Jump                       4-04

Jordan Williams                 6th                               100M Hurdles                20.16

Traveshia Birden                2nd                                 Discuss                         104-03

Traveshia Birden                2nd                                Shot Put                        30-08.75

Chasity Jones                      3rd                                 Shot Put                       28-05.25

Chasity Jones                       6th                                 Discuss                         72-06

Hannah Boggan                   4th                                High Jump                    4-06

Hannah Boggan                   1st                                Pole Vault                     6-06

Kayla Youngblood               2nd                                Pole Vault                    6-0

Kayla Youngblood               8th                                400M Run                     1:10.94

Kayla Youngblood               7th                                800M Run                     3:01.57


Ermareeyah Harris           5th                                   1600M Run                    6:45.36

Valencia Baker                  6th                                   1600M Run                    6:45.67

Aaliyah Sandiford             6th                                   3200M Run                    14:53.39

Anne Lin                             7th                                   3200M Run                    15:05.21

Team A                              1st                         4 X 100 Relay               51.49

(Tyteyannah Bailey, Mataea Boyd, Demya Gibson, Arviniece McDonald)


Team B                              6th                          4 X 100 Relay               55.08

(Benae Everett, Latreone Holmes, Jordan Williams, Dyonne McClain)


Team A                              1st                           4 X 400 Relay               4:31.21

(Chyna Bacon, Demya Gibson, Bre Etheridge, Shayna Washington)


Team B                              4th                          4 X 400 Relay               4:41.72

(Kelsey Davis, Benae Everett, Latreone Holmes, Makayla Thomas)


Team Scores

1) Ware County High School    173.50               

2) Westover High School       128                                                                                      

3) Valdosta High School           110.50                

4) Tift County High School   108                                                                                       

5) Fitzgerald                                  37                      

6) Cook                            27                                                                                          

7) Valwood School                       18









 Boys Results:

On Saturday, the Gators traveled over to Tift County High School to compete in the 8th Annual Andy Sumner's Invitational.  The Gators placed 2nd to the very talented Fitzgerald Hurricanes. "We jumped, we threw, and we ran hard, but came up short in points," said Coach Sonny Spurlock. "We have a lot of young athletes on our team, and they are working hard to improve each and every day." "Overall, we are proud of the way the boys performed and left everything on the track," said Coach Spurlock and Coach Nelson. The Gatirs will be traveling back to Tifton, on Wednesday, for a Tri-Meet with Tifton and Thomasville. The Gator/Gatorettes will be in action together, on Saturday, March 11th, as they will host their Annual Swamp Relays. As of today, 19 teams are scheduled to participate. The field events are scheduled to start at 9:30AM, with the running events starting at 12:45PM. The admission cost will be $5. 

Name                                   Place                                Event                             Time

Alyx Sayles                           2nd                               100M Dash                      11.25

Alyx Sayles                           1st                                200M Dash                      23.52

Dominick Chatman             9th                               100M Dash                       11.75

Ladedrick Castellanos        11th                             200M Dash                       25.54

Sharod Cobb                        6th                                400M Dash                      57.10

Charles Jones                       7th                                400M Dash                      57.59

Charles Johnson                  2nd                                   High Jump                      6-0

Matthew Hamilton             1st                                 800M Run                      2:11.20

Matthew Hamilton             3rd                                 1600M Run                   5:07.20

Logan Millard                       5th                                 1600M Run                   5:19.83

Logan Millard                       2nd                                 3200M Run                  11:19.86

Julian Morfin                        9th                                 800M Run                     2:24.43

Ethan Frye                            6th                                 3200M Run                   11:50.66

Hudson Spurlock                 5th                                 110M Hurdles                17.40

Hudson Spurlock                 4th                                 300M Hurdles                44.59

Hudson Spurlock                 3rd                                 Pole Vault                       8-6

Tyler Ronan                          4th                                 Pole Vault                       7-0

Kevon McKelvin                  10th                                110M Hurdles                20.26

Sharod Cobb                        8th                                  300M Hurdles                47.39

Shaquan Bellamy                 6th                                  High Jump                       5-6                               

Kevin Weatherspoon         11th                                  Long Jump                      15-07

Tre Cobb                               3rd                                   Shot Put                           39-10                       

Tre Cobb                               3rd                                   Discus Throw                   111-10

Dequan Williams                 7th                                    Shot Put                           35-09

Jordan Howell                       2nd                                  Discus Throw                  127-04.50

Team A                              5th                          4 X 100 Relay               45.55

(Dominick Chatman, Hudson Spurlock, Ladedrick Castellanos, Alyx Sayles)


Team B                              11th                          4 X 100 Relay               48.50

(Kevon McKelvin, Tyreq, Charles Jones, Sharod Cobb)


Team A                              1st                           4 X 400 Relay               3:42.20

(Sharod Cobb, Hudson Spurlock, Charles Jones, Matthew Hamilton)


Team B                              7th                          4 X 400 Relay               3:57.19

(Alyx Sayles, Dominick Chatman, Ladedrick Castellanos, Shaquan Bellamy)


Team Men Scoring

    1) Fitzgerald                          148                   2) Ware County High School   122                                                                                            

    3) Valdosta High School       117                  4) Tift County High School       112                                                                                          

    5) Westover High School        60                  6) Crisp Co.                                  34                                                                                              

    7) Cook                                      20 


   1) Ware County Gators         128             2) Tift County High School         101                        
   3) Carrollton High School       87              4) Northside, Warner Robins      67                        
   5) Fitzgerald                             65               6) Coffee                                        53                        
   7) Colquitt County                  45               8) Tift County B                             22                        
   9) Pelham High School          18              10) Cook                                          16