Lady Gators Spike Colquitt HS and Toombs County HS

Lady Gators Spike Colquitt HS and Toombs County HS

All three Lady Gator's Volleyball teams added W's to their win column yesterday in the Gator Den. They faced the Lady Packers of Colquitt County HS and the Lady Bulldogs of Toombs County HS. The Gators struggled with their first game against the Lady Packers winning 29-27 and taking the second by a score of 25-17. "We were unable to close out the first game due to self-errors," said Coach Alesia Gibson. "Missing a serve on game point is never a good thing. But somehow, these girls were able to dig deep and finish the drill by winning the match," said Gibson. Next, the Lady Gators took on the Lady Bulldogs. The Gators won in two straight games winning 25-19 and 25-11. 

The Ware County Lady Gators JV team won their match as well. The Lady Gators won both games to take the match with the scores of 25-12 and 25-10. The 9th grade team would add a win too, by defeating the Lady Bulldogs 25-8 and 25-10. Both Ware teams played the Toombs County Lady Bulldogs due to the JV team of the Lady Packers not in attendance. "The girls played much better with less mistakes," stated Coach Chari Malone (JV Head Coach) and Coach Hannah Barefield (9th Grade Head Coach. 

"For all our teams, it was very exciting for all three levels to win last night. As a whole, we will keep working hard to eliminate the controllable mistakes," replied all the coaches.  

All the Lady Gators will be in action on Tuesday as they will host Appling County HS and Wayne County HS. Please come out and support these young student-athletes. First game starts at 4:00pm. 




Trinity Norwood – 2 digs, 1 assists, 3 kills, 12 aces

Kennia Kirksey – 4 kills, 3 aces

Valencia Baker – 6 kills, 7 assists, 3 digs, 1 ace

Grace Sirmons – 6 assists, 2 aces, 1 kill

Maddy Harwell – 2 digs

Janaiza Daniels – 3 digs, 1 kill

Arellia (Dot) Fuentez – 6 digs, 2 aces

Princess Alston - 1 kill

Zhane Ellis – 1 ace, 1 dig

Ziare Eillis – 1 assist

Saniyah Patterson – 1 dig, 1 kill

D'Najah Boyd – 5 aces, 4 kills, 1 dig


Chasity Dill – 1 ace, 3 kills

Mekenah Dill – 2 aces, 1 assist, 1 kill

Gracie Gill – 3 aces, 1 kill

Kelsey Griffin – 1 dig

Perla Hernandez – 1 assist

Paige McKinney – 8 aces, 2 kills

Janyra Moss – 1 dig, 1 kill

Megan Robertson – 1 ace, 2 assists, 1 kill

Camryn Starr – 3 assists, 3 kills 

Kortney Tatum – 1 dig

Alexis King – 1 kill

Raighann Johnson – 1 ace, 1 kill, 2 assist

9th Grade STATS

Briton Borg – 3 aces, 1 kill

Mollie James – 1 ace 

Aryel Kimmel – 1 ace, 1 assist

Lydia Merritt – 6 aces, 1 dig, 1 kill

Love-Rachel Mobley – 1 dig

Khloe Pearson – 4 aces, 1 kill

Brooke Register – 5 aces, 4 kill

Shuler Kourtney – 1 dig 

Madison Tyre – 1 dig

Aniya Dawson – 1 dig



(L-R) Ziare Eillis, Maddy Harwell, Princess Alston, Zhane Ellis, Saniyah Patterson, Arellia (Dot) Fuentez, D'Najah Boyd, Janaiza Daniels, Kennia Kirksey, Valencia Baker Trinity Norwood, Grace Sirmons



(L-R) Coach Hannah Barefield, Halli Clifton, Paige McKinney, Alexis King, Megan Robertson, Camryn Starr, Chasity Dill, Janyra Moss, Perla Hernandez, Coach Alesia Gibson, Gracie Gill Kortney Tatum Mekenah Dill, Kelsey Griffin, Raighann Johnson, Emma Bloch, Coach Chari Malone


9th Grade 

(L-R) Coach Hannah Barefield, Khloe Pearson Madison Tyre, Aryel Kimmel, Briton Borg, Mollie James, Lydia Merritt, Love-Rachel Mobley Brooke Register, Aniya Dawson Shuler Kourtney, Coach Chari Malone