GHSA Requires Each School to comply with Sudden Cardiac Awareness Prevention Act (HB60)

SB 60, Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, In accordance with Georgia law, the GHSA is requiring all schools to:

Each school must distribute to every athlete and his/her parent/guardian an information sheet that includes: the Early Warning Signs, How to Recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Learn Hands-Only CPR outlined in this by-law. This sheet must be signed by the parent/guardian of each athlete, each athlete and a copy kept on file at the school. 

Please read the two pages below then sign and return your Student/Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness form and return to your respective Coach. The Parent/Student Awareness form can be downloaded and printed by clicking HERE.

*NOTE: An informational meeting will be held on the subject in the high school cafeteria, Monday, July 29, 2019 at 7:45 following "Open House". This meeting is open to everyone and strongly encouraged.


CLICK HERE to view a course released by the NFHS that will better help you understand Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the number one cause of death in the United States for student athletes during exercise. Caused by a structural or electrical problem associated with the heart, Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens when the heart unexpectedly stops beating and pumping blood.

With content developed by Simon's Heart, this course will help you learn and recognize the warning signs and symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Also included are tips for what to do in the critical moments after an individual suddenly collapses in order to save their life. 



Click on the form below to down load your form. Sign and return to your respective coach.





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