Funding for our Athletic Programs come directly from gate receipts collected at all of our home athletic events. The Ware County Athletic Booster Club helps bridge the gap in funding between what we collect and what is necessary to keep our programs in the best equipment and uniforms we can purchase.

The Ware County Athletic Booster Club has four functions in our department.

1)      They provide financial support for all sports at the high school.

2)      They provide awards, certificates, senior plaques, letter jackets and Championship patches for our student athletes.

3)      They provide additional funding for unbudgeted Region and State playoff expenses for our teams to travel for competitions.

4)      They provide special funding for other items of interest on the recommendation of the Athletic Director.

The Ware County Athletic Booster Club generates revenue through the following vehicles:

1)      Booster Club Memberships

2)      Concession Sales

3)      Gator Gear Store

4)      Signage at the Stadium

5)      Annual Corporate Sponsorship Drive

Despite the efforts of everyone, it still takes more funding to keep up with the increases we have absorbed with equipment and maintenance.

As you know, the Athletic Booster Club is made up of Volunteers. In most volunteer organizations, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In recent years, 20% of the volunteer people began doing ALL the work. As we adapt to changes to our economy, our Booster Club has allowed each sport to also create a sub-club made up of mostly parents of the kids who participate in a specific sport. This vehicle helped us recruit more volunteers, thus allowing them the ability to fundraise for a particular sport venue. The creation and growth of these sub clubs is not to subplant but to support specific funding for each sport.

We hope this explanation helps provide a clear understanding of our mission and trust you will continue to support our efforts to keep Ware County Athletics on the cutting edge of competition and performance.

We now accpet donations, contributions and membership dues via PayPal. Click the button below to join our team.